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Benefit from the cloud protection and productivity.

Cloud Services

Leveraging technology to increase communication and collaboration in the workplace is the key to success in any operation. CATS CO has over 35 years of experience in voice, data, and network communications. We have delivered powerful, tested communication and collaboration solutions for organizations of all sizes.

The way businesses communicate and exchange information is constantly evolving. Our highly trained engineers and consultants are positioned to help your business adapt to Unified Communications by utilizing the latest and most effective technologies.

Malware & Intrusion Protection

Leaving your computer prone to malware or hackers leaves your data and important open to theft, data loss, and downtime.

Our Trend Micro cloud solution...

Cloud Benefits
  • Remote and mobile presence - take calls anywhere!
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce calling and phone system costs
  • Enhance employee and customer satisfaction
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Microsoft Office 365

Designed to enable users to share, collaborate, and communicate, Office 365 takes the popular Microsoft Office applications and combines them with the power of the cloud. Guaranteed by Microsoft with 99.9% uptime, Office 365 is a reliable and secure alternative to desktop applications, allowing your files to be accessibile from anywhere.

Office 365 Benefits
  • Stay connected with team sites
  • Your favorite apps now in the cloud
  • Customizable plans to fit your needs
  • Mobile device and tablet capable
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Backup & Recovery

CATS CO offers integrated solutions for protecting data in physical and virtual IT environments that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication.

Our solutions are designed to protect your data as you see fit. As well, should the situation arise, quick and easy restorations ensure business continuity.

Storage Solutions
  • Backup & restore
  • Network appliances
  • Cloud storage
  • Off-site replication
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