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Network solutions to enhance and maintain critical operations.

Infrastructure Solutions

As a managed, Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, CATS CO combines the highest level subject-matter experts, tools, and proven methodology to successfully deliver innovative solutions to plan, design, deploy, manage, restructure, and migrate infrastructure technologies.

We specialize in providing collaboration, directories, messaging, unified communications, back-up and recovery, continuity of operations, enterprise portals, virtualization, SAN & NAS storage, search archiving, infrastructure data management, and .NET customer development solutions.

Network Architecture & Planning

Our team of consultants and network engineers have the experience and knowledge to design and implement effective network infrastructures. Your network is critical to operations, it must be reliable and available. As well, it should scale to grow with your organization.

We have over 35 years of network infrastructure experience in organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise and governments.

Infrastructure Solutions
  • New or existing network architecture
  • Installation and implementation
  • Active Directory & Windows Server
  • Server and desktop virtualization
  • Network protection & security
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Network Servers - Windows, File, Web

You need experts with servers installation, support, and deployment to ensure your operations are running on effective and reliable servers. We recognize the critical nature of your network servers, our staff is experienced and certified having demonstrated successful implementations from one servers to several hundreds.

Organization that have multiple branches or remote workers benefit immensely from servers that can protect and serve your business data and systems.

Server Solutions
  • Windows Server & Active Directory
  • Installation, deployment & configuration
  • Protection and security
  • Support and maintenance
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Server & Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization has several benefits for your business and network. Leveraging virtualization technology will reduce your IT costs by requiring less hardware and maximizing current assets, an essential goal for any organization

Our team has in-depth expertise with many of the most popular virtualization technologies including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. We have been implementing virtual server and desktop solutions in Southeastern Michigan since the birth of this revolutionary technology.

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Security - Malware & Intrusion

Leaving your network prone to malware or hackers leaves your entire business open to theft, data loss, and downtime. If your network is not properly secured and maintained, your business continuity is at risk.

Many unmanaged systems have outdated patches and anti-malware software, unmonitored and open firewalls, as well as unsecure practices. CATS CO's team of highly qualified and experienced system engineers protect our client's networks on a daily basis. Let us asses and ensure that your critical network is safe and secure.

Security Solutions
  • Updated and security patches
  • Anti-malware software implementation
  • Firewall and instruction detection
  • Security best practices
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Network Storage

CATS CO offers integrated solutions for protecting data in physical and virtual IT environments that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication.

Our solutions are designed to protect your data as you see fit. As well, should the situation arise, quick and easy restorations ensure business continuity.

Storage Solutions
  • Backup & restore
  • Network appliances
  • Cloud storage
  • Off-site replication
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